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Tammy M. Beauty & Wellness RX Owner
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Jacksonville Florida

Shaving has forever been an obligation for most Americans. Whether it is your legs, face, back, arms, or anywhere else, shaving is a time suck and can easily cause nicks, cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and more. There have been some alternatives including waxing and others, but they are certainly not without drawbacks as well, and are still not permanent. 

Today there is a much better, permanent solution: laser hair removal. Lasers are used in countless applications, and very often in cosmetic ones. The laser can target the active hair follicles underneath the skin but causes no damage to the surrounding skin. Once the follicle is destroyed, it is no longer able to grow hair. 

Men and women alike are throwing their razors in the trash forever with the rapidly growing adaptation of laser hair removal. Schedule your consult today to see what it may mean for you!

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