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Tammy M. Beauty & Wellness RX Owner
Non-Surgical Breast-lift

Non-Surgical Breast-lift Jacksonville Florida

Getting a lift doesn't have to mean going under the knife! Laser breastlifting is one of the newest technologies available in this space, and we are putting a large emphasis on in here at Beauty and Wellness RX. By lifting and tightening the skin around the breast tissue, this is an effective and safe solution to sagginess in the breast and surrounding tissue.

This method of breastlifiting works by a laser emitting light into the breast tissues to encourage thermal heating inside the breast tissue. There are two treatments conducted, each to target different levels of depth, and tightening on each level. This dual-treatment approach gives you the best opportunity to produce collagen and elastin fibers, which leads to a superior level of rejuvenation of the dermal structures.


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